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Spin-Off Pearl Semiconductor enters the Growing High-Performance Timing IC Market with Low and Ultra-Low Noise Products

Targets Pent-Up Demand for Timing in High-Growth Connectivity Applications from OTN Modules to Automotive

CAIRO & AMSTERDAM (PRWEB), March 24, 2021 – Pearl Semiconductor, a new high-performance semiconductor timing products spin-off from expert IC design firm Si-Ware Systems, launched a major initiative in low and ultra-low noise timing products. Pearl will target the high-demand market for high performance timing products that are a crucial component for high-speed connectivity equipment, from advanced automotive electronics to data farm servers on the cloud.

The company, with offices in Cairo and Kuala Lumpur, is led by former Si-Ware Systems founder and VP Ayman Ahmed. Pearl Semiconductor brings with it all of Si-Ware Systems’ history and timing intellectual property including more than 25 timing patents, while the veteran engineering team brings a wealth of experience in MEMS and IC design. The spin-off enables Pearl to better focus on its product development using its unique innovative PLL technologies with DSP algorithms capable of pushing reference clock performance to a new horizon.

“Our economy is increasingly driven by high-speed connectivity, from instantaneous IoT-based data collection for AI analysis to cars that communicate with each other,” said Ayman Ahmed, CEO, Pearl Semiconductor. “There is an explosion of digital traffic that will require a world-wide upgrade of bandwidth and data network infrastructure. The availability of optimized timing solutions will play an important role in making this happen. Pearl is a timing company developing resonator-agnostic solutions. We work with quartz crystals, MEMS resonators or whatever achieves superior performance. Our real innovation is in the designs we build.”

“Current and future automotive applications demand low noise and a wide operating temperature range,” said Mostafa Elkhouly, vice president of marketing & business development, Pearl Semiconductor. “Our low-noise single-die MEMS SAW-based products achieve a typical performance of 350 femtoseconds for integrated phase jitter with an operating temperature range up to +125 oC, making them ideal candidates for automotive.”

According to Dedalus Consulting’s 2021 research report1, the combined market for frequency control and semiconductor timing devices was $5.4B in 2020 and is on target to reach $8.3B by 2025. The demand for low and ultra-low noise devices can be attributed to the existing and anticipated growth in high-speed connectivity (100G-800G), 5G backhaul equipment, and data center connectivity, all of which are predicted to surge as a result of more smart home and industrial IoT networks, mobility applications, and increased professional, personal and medical video conferencing. Automotive data transmission volume alone is predicted to increase 10,000 times by 2025, according to Toyota Motor Company.

The high demand for critical timing devices has caused a shortage of supply. However, for OEMs the development of ultra-low noise devices would be an expensive proposition and a diversion of resources from their core focuses. The few companies solely focused on supplying high performance timing products have seen an exponential jump in their valuation over the past few years.

Pearl Semiconductor will focus on two product families: its ultra-low noise products and its single-die MEMS SAW-based low noise products. It will initially target companies developing OTN optical connectivity modules and high-speed connectivity products.

Pearl Semiconductor has initial investments from Si-Ware Systems Ltd. and SAWARI Ventures.

About Pearl Semiconductor

Pearl Semiconductor is a fabless semiconductor company specializing in high performance reference clocks and timing ICs. Its products are based on innovative manufacturing and patented IC design technologies achieving outstanding performance. Pearl Semiconductor aims to be the leading supplier of high-performance reference clocks and timing ICs serving the most demanding industrial, networking, telecom and automotive applications.

1 Source: Dedalus Consulting, Frequency Control Components Report 2021

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